Outreach Opportunities

Our faith in Jesus Christ and his presence is put into actions through our outreach to the community.

A Coins for Comfort account has been established and is funded through donations and fundraisers   This account is used to meet the needs of the community.  We have supported individuals when a financial need has presented itself.  Life’s situations can be challenging, medical issues present themselves, unemployment hampers families ability to provide the basics; the cost of heating oil is beyond many senior citizens needs.  Our fund has blessed the lives of many persons, and offers them a glimpse of the peace we can have knowing Jesus Christ as our Savior.  

Line items in the budget have also been set aside to support local ministries.  One such ministry we support is CEF, a most important ministry to the children of Schuylkill County.   Another mission effort is in place with the support we offer to Liz Miller, a missionary serving in France, bringing the message of Christ to a Muslim community.  

You may contribute directly to the Coins for Comfort account any Sunday by placing your offerings in the baskets found at either entrance.  

If you have an interest in supporting our other local missionaries, you may mark the contribution for such and place it in the offering plate.

Many in our congregation enjoy crocheting or other craft ventures.  A Praying Hands group has been formed.  This group meets every Tuesday afternoon to create prayer shawls, scarfs, lap robes, or quilts.  The created items are passed along to those with a prayer need.  As the garments are being made, the group spends time uplifting the recipient to our heavenly Father, knowing he is the great healer.  Irene Geiger and Joann Gerber are in charge of this group.