Sunday School

Sunday school classes exist for any age group.

The following is a slate of our officers:

  • Sunday School Superintendant:  Kelly Truscott
  • Asst. Superintendant:  Florence Marbarger
  • Secretary:  Doug LaScala  
  • Teachers:
    • Nursery Class:  Alice Ricketson, Mary Anne Dembitsky
    • Beginner Class:  Linda Reading, Darlene Zechman
    • K thru grade 3:  Kelly Truscott,
    • Graded 4-6:  Doug LaScala
    • Junior HIgh:  Mary Shiffer
    • Senior High: Shelley HIkes; Nancy Umbenhaur
    • Adult Class:  Pastor Mike

Various times throughout the year small bible studies are led by various adults to expand our faith and challenge us.

Events sponsored by the Sunday school include and Easter Egg Hunt, Parents Day programs, summer picnic, and a Christmas program.