Youth Group

What better way to celebrate youth and the family but to gather once a month for what we call “Family Fun Nite”.  We may not always meet in the evening, as the name indicates, but each month some activity is planned.  We encourage members to attend as a family unit, allowing time to create memories for our youth; and giving our members time to fellowship with one another.  Several different activities are held throughout the year; We offer picnics, movie nights, A Valentines Day social, bowling, miniature golfing, sponsor the secret pal luncheon, or participate in a board game night to name a few.  

The youth in our church are encouraged to become active in the worship service.  We invite them to be acolytes, ushers, scriptures readers, and greeters.  

Recently one Sunday school class held a bread sale to raise funds to pay for tickets to see a play “The Wizard of Oz”.  

A confirmation class is offered for youth who are ready to confirm the vows taken by their parents upon their baptism.  Upon completion of the course, the youth confess their faith in Jesus Christ and become members of the church.  A mentor is assigned to each youth to guide and assist them in their faithwalk.